New Podcast: Veggie on the panel

New podcast! Veggie on the panel

Host: David Watson/DWStorm
Co-host: Sfugity
Special Guest: Hal/OnionAnimations


You can also listen to the podcast on Soundcloud

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First Podcast!

The very first episode of our new podcast has just been released!

Soundcloud: Episode 1: Let’s Animate like crazy now!

Podcast Team:
-Host: David Watson (DWStorm)
-Special Guests: Harry Bossert (Hazzat) Tobias Nikl (Sfugity)
-Editor: Animartian Studios
-Music: David Watson (DWStorm)

Hope you enjoyed the first episode! Tell us what you would like to hear in the next episodes!

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Realistic Gun-flare Tutorial

Many brickfilmers want to make an action movie using their legos.  Well, now you can learn how to add realistic gun-flares to your brickfilms using free software!

You need two programs for this tutorial: Monkeyjam, very popular for brickfilmers to use to capture frames, and, a very popular photo editing program.  Not only do you get links to the software, but you get links to the smoke frames! Download links to the software are in the video description.

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